SR22 Hi-Viz Sight Mod

sr22 hiviz

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to train for accuracy is enhance the iron sights.  Many’s favorite is the Hi-Viz front sight that makes the from iron sight much more visible.  Though one thing that bugs me about the sight is how big the green dot is.  I personally would prefer something smaller for me to focus.

So it’s time to get to experiment!


  • Extract the fiber optic with the included extraction tool
  • Mask off the middle with a strip of masking tape
  • Dabble flat black paint on top

And this is how it looks on the sight:


Next, I added a white line on the rear sight to align with the green line that I just made:


  • Put a strip of white vinyl tape along the center
  • Add some super glue to secure the tape


All done, and this is what the sight looks like when the sights are aligned:


The thing that really bugs me about iron sights is trying to balance the empty space between the front and rear sights.  I found myself shifting shifting focus left and right looking at the two gaps as I balance.  Now with just one line, it’s much easier for me to focus on the front sight while having a good feel of when the front and rear are aligned.

Back to the range again!


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