SR22 Ammo Round-up

Half the fun in shooting is to test and find out which ammo my gun loves, or just doing whatever it takes to squeeze one more ounce of accuracy out of my guns.  Over the past few months I’ve collected a small variety of .22 ammo, and I was eager to try them out after I got my SR22.


First up were Remington and Winchester ammo.  First few shots were made in the middle to zero the iron sights.  All the shots were made with the gun resting on a bench, shooting at 25 yards.

In this group, the Remington Golden Bullet was the clear winner with tighter groups and zero failures.  The Winchester Power-Point was definitely more powerful with a bigger recoil, but there were always flying high, like the Winchester Super X.  I’ll save these ammo for the rifle instead.

The next day at the range, I added a scope to see how accurate some of the ammo can get, and I also got my hands on some CCI 36g Mini Mags.


The results were impressive in terms of what some of these ammo can do with a 3.5″ barrel.


If my hands are more steady the result might be even better, but it’s pretty obvious that the Mini Mags are prefect for my SR22.  The Golden Bullets came close but just not as tight.


I then try the Winchester Super X again, and again, all the shots ended up high and right.  Maybe if I tune the scope to the Super X’s liking, I might get some good results.  But the Super X had been giving me a lot of FTF problems, so I’ll probably use the Mini Mags and Golden Bullet exclusively with the SR22.


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