Savage BSEV ammo test

Part of the fun of owning a new firearm is to be able to test out various ammo and see which one’s the favorite.  I recently purchased some cheaper ammo from Eley and Aguila so I was anxious to try and see if I’ve wasted my money. 🙂


The surprise here was that the CCI Mini Mag actually didn’t shoot as well as the standard velocity ammo.  Looks like the Savage MKII was designed for standard ammo.  To my relief, the cheap Eley sport ammo grouped very well, almost as well as the CCI standard velocity, and the Remington Target Rifle (manufactured by Eley) was also excellent.


Next up were the Winchester SuperX, which did decent, though not as well as the rest.  Blazer performed well but not excellent.  The photo here grouped great but in other shots they were less consistent.  The Aguila ammo was also a nice surprise as it’s one of the cheaper ammo available.  Next up was the Federal Auto Match, and initially the result was disappointing, but then I realized my posture was bad when making those shots…


Redemption – tried again and this time the Federal Auto Match performed admirably.

Overall the Savage BSEV is very impressive in being so accurate across so many brands of ammo.  Next time I’ll need to start shooting at 100 yards to see how these ammo perform.  That’s probably when some of the better ammo will start to shine.  For now I’m glad the cheap ammo from Eley and Aguila both were excellent shots.  It’s a big relief as they performed poorly on the SR22.


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