First time reloading

Having tested many brands of 9mm ammo I ended up with the amateur realization that factory made ammo are extremely inconsistent.  It gotten to the point where I bench rest my P30 with a 6x sight, and I was still getting no more than 2.5″ groups.  To imagine getting similar results free hand I need to start reloading.

I got myself the Lee Classic Turret press kit, along with other typical reloading supplies online, then I made a trip to the local gun store, only to be told that no stores in the area have had powder in stock for months because of a huge nation wide gun powder shortage.  Welcome to the world of reloading!

After waiting around for 2 weeks, I bought the first thing I found available – Hodgdon Longshot powder.  It’s not the best choice for it’s rather slow burning, and it doesn’t meter well with the Lee auto disk powder measure.  Though I couldn’t imagine myself waiting another month with the hopes that I might get lucky in buying a power I want.

So here it is – results of various loads



Seems like my P30 like 5.4grains and 5.7grains, on the next trip I’ll have a lot more of both loads to test with.


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