HK P30 Trigger Job

It’s been 10 years since I’ve first shot the HK45.  I vividly remember the terrific feel and accuracy of this handgun, and had decided that my first gun would be an HK ever since that day.  A few years later I shot the P2000 and I found a new love.  When I heard about the P30, I was mesmerized by it’s ergonomics and the option for a 5″ barrel.  The problem was that the P30 wasn’t in California’s handgun roster, and you can’t rent or buy the gun.  Fortunately one can get the gun through SSE conversion, but that means I’ll never get to fire the gun before owning it.  Boy was I in for a surprise when I bought the gun and realized that the trigger was 5lb in weight with a very noticeable creep.  The gun felt nothing like the P45 or P200.  I still remember how desperate I was, scouring through the forums asking if there’s any parts I can replace in order to rectify the problem.

Through my research I realized a very amateur fact that all handguns can be handed to a gunsmith to deal with such issues.  Then I set my own goal of becoming the gunsmith for my P30.  After that it was hours and hours of reading introductory guides and watching Youtube videos. 🙂  My gunsmithing adventures started here, back in April 2014.


Still remember how intimidating it felt looking at the receiver


Removing the hammer spring was surprisingly easy thanks to the removable backstrap.


Any part that I got my hands on, I started sanding and polishing


The hammer sear assembly was a bit more involved than most guns, took an hour of just starring and thinking to understand and be sure which part I need to grind down to have an effect on the creep.  Gotta be sure!


The actual work was actually pretty straight forward, I just needed to shave a hairline off the sear, and polish the parts well.

The grinding lowers the creep significantly, and lowers the trigger weight also.  Without having to push the trigger pin safety, the trigger pull was at only 2 pounds.  The last step was to swap out the trigger pin safety spring form the original 1.5lb spring to something I found that only adds half a pound to the trigger to engage.

When everything was put back together, the trigger weight was 2.6 pounds.  Finally, my dream gun actually shoots like its famous siblings, the HK45 and P2000.  I don’t think I can every own another gun without taking it apart again. 🙂


4 thoughts on “HK P30 Trigger Job

    • I adjusted the trigger bar to move the reset back, but at the same time the actual break was also moved back, so I’m not sure if that’s what you’ll want. The short answer is no, I haven’t found a good way of improving the reset.

  1. Thanks for the reply. I was quite happy with the lighter springs trigger setup until I read your blog… Now I got an itch I need to scratch lol. Seeing what Bruce gray does with the p30 I really want a short reset to have the perfect pistol.

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