Savage BSEV Trigger Job

This is probably the easiest trigger job out there.  The Savage BSEV is already a wonderful rifle with an adjustable trigger, though the lowest setting I was getting a 3lb trigger pull instead of 2.5lb.  I couldn’t stop myself from opening the rifle up anyways, so I might as well see what I can do.


The trigger and sear were really easy to take apart.  The first thing was to polish the sear, even though the trigger was pretty smooth already.


I was tempted to mess with the trigger spring to lower the trigger weight, but I didn’t want to mess with the original parts.

I then opened up the box of assorted springs from Home Depot again.  My $4.3 purchase really came in handy!  This is the third trigger job where I get to use this set of springs.  The cost for each gun’s trigger job is now averaged to a dollar. 🙂  Adjusted the spring to achieve 2.5lb pull, then I widen the spring at the area above the trigger assembly to hold it in place, and that was it!


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