Putting the P99 adjustable sights on the PPQ

… results in disaster. 🙂 Perhaps not that bad, but the end result was no where as pleasing as my LPA sights on the HK P30L. The PPQ has a really slim top, so you can see how the sides of the sight really sticks out.  What really bugs me is that the rear of the sight also protrudes out of the slide by about half an inch.  That felt really unsightly since the back of the slide slants forward.  Here’s a small gallery of what it looks like. DSC04552 DSC04553 DSC04554 DSC04555 DSC04556 DSC04557

When viewed from the bottom, you can really see how it sticks out.


Compared to the LPA sight for the P30L, the P30 sight is a great fit.  The rounded corners fit the profile perfectly.


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