Savage BSEV ammo test

After having ruled out the Winchester Super X, Remington Golden Bullet, CCI Mini mag, and a couple of other ammo that the Savage didn’t like, the most accurate (yet low cost) ammo came down to the following:

  • Eley Sport
  • CCI Standard Velocity
  • Wolf Match Target
  • SK Rifle Match

There are better ammo out there that should be more accurate, but this is a plinker and I don’t plan to spend more than 12 cents a shot.

Here are some of the results from the ammo test, at 100 yards:



There were a bit of wind, so the groups weren’t fantastic.  Though overall the Wolf and SK ammo are a little bit more accurate, but only slightly.

As the wind started getting stronger, I moved the target to 50 yards


In general, the shots are always tight with the SK and Wolf ammo.  The Eley Sport would occasionally spread out in wider groups.

IMG_6214 IMG_6213

When I compare perform between the Wolf and SK, the two perform really well, and I tend to believe that any bad groups are more caused by my error than the ammo being inaccurate.


It’s easy to see that Wolf Match Target and SK Rifle Match are pretty close to the same ammo.  The head stamp is identical, and so is the bullet, and even the ammo storage case.  The ammo are heavily coated in lubricant for both brands.  I now believe them when they say that they share the same manufacturer.


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