AR15 Ejection Problem & Solution

Was shooting with some cheap reloads last weekend, and all of a sudden my AR 15 stopped ejecting casing.  I spent the rest of the day shooting my AR15 like a bolt action rifle.

Back home I inspected the rifle back and forth.  Ran a rod through the whole gas chamber to look for dirt or debris, checked every nook and cranny, and it seemed that the BCG was seating correctly.

As I was giving the bolt carrier group a thorough cleaning, I finally found the culprit – a primer popped out off a spent casing and lodged itself inside the gas port of the carrier key.  It was seated 3/4 inch inside, and no pliers could reach inside.

The only tool that can reach inside is a drill bit.  Starting with the 11/64 bit, I shaved out most of the primer, then I switched to a 1/8 drill to break open the base of the primer to loosen it up.


What’s left of the primer after a lot of drilling (and patience)

Now it’s time to hit the range!


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