The magic of reloading

Never know how well my AR15 would perform as it’s a sub $900 build. It has a cheap Aero lower and a Spike’s Tactical upper. The rifle had been scoring 2.5″ groups with pretty much all ammo that’s bought. Tried PCM Xtac, Freedom Munition, Black Hills ammo, and Hornady match ammo. Nothing could shrink the groups down by any significant amount.


For my gun, a soft shooting recipe of 20.0gr AR Comp, 66gr Sierra Match King HPBT bullet, CCI 400 primer with an OAL of 2.26 inch.


  • Spike’s Tactical 16″ barrel (1:7 twist)
  • Spike’s Tactical free float quad rail
  • Spike’s Tactical BCG
  • Aero Precision lower
  • Rock River 2-stage trigger (adjusted to 2 lbs)
  • Primar Arms 4-14x FFP Scope
  • Magpul ACS-E stock
  • Harris swivel bipod

To expect that an automatic rifle could achieve sub-MOA results is way beyond my expectation.  Time to keep pressing ammo!


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