Ammo test – Hornady, Silver Bear, Precision Delta & more 9mm

I’ve collected various ammo of different brands and weight class to try out on my 5″ HK P30.

For consistency sake I was shooting off a bench rest with a 6x scope mounted on top.  The resulting groups are quite nice, something I wish I can do free hand. 🙂

First up was the Remington Golden Saber 124gr HP.  Very nice looking bullets and produced very nice results


Next up were some of the cheapest ammo on the market.  They’re Freedom Munition reloads. I thought shooting 124gr might give me more decent result than shooting lighter bullets, but I was very wrong.  Looks like there are quite a bit of inconsistencies here.  With this type of results, they’re probably best used for target practice at 7 to 10 yard range.



Bought a box of LAX new ammo at the gun show, and these ammo didn’t disappoint even though they’re lighter and still relatively low priced.


The next week I had 3 more ammo to try out

Hornady Critical Duty LE 135 grain +P HP ammo.  Comes in a really nice looking box, but I’m not sure if my aim was off this morning, shots were everywhere.  Not very impressive.


Precision Delta ammo felt very consistent overall.  The groups were not as impressive as some of the other ammo but note that these are 10 shots instead of 5 shot groups.  I expect these ammo will perform just as well, if not better than the LAX or Golden Saber ammo.


Next up were the cheaply priced Silver Bear 124gr HP ammo.  These ammo seem to be rather inconsistent.



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