Harvey Deprimer Mods

Part of the chore in reloading is to deprime all the spent casings before cleaning the brass.  Having a hand held deprimer allows me to deprime on the couch while watching TV, definitely much prefered over being stuck in the garage. 🙂

The Harvey Deprimer is very simple in its design, and construction is very rugged as the entire housing is made in solid aluminum.


Operation is very simple yet tricky.  You need to place the casing on a push pin, but you must align the push pin with the flash hole of the casing from the inside.  This step takes a lot of practice to get right.


Second problem with the deprimer is that very often the ejected primer would get stuck on the push pin, and I have to yank the primer out manually.

So it’s time for a little modification.  First, I rounded off the sharp edges of the push pin to prevent primers from getting stuck, then I wrapped some tape around the push pin so that when I drop my 9mm casing on the push pin, it’ll align itself automatically with the flash hole.


The second mod doesn’t work with rifle casing, however, but for now I can deprime a 9mm casing every 5 seconds or so, and being able to do this while lounging on my sofa is why this deprimer rocks. 🙂


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