X2 CNC Mill

Had always been interested in adding a milling machine and a metal lathe to my workshop, and having shooting as a hobby just gave me the perfect excuse to spend money on the equipment!

Found a used CNC mill on Craigslist, so lucky enough I wouldn’t have to spend months installing a CNC kit and debugging it.

First thing to do was to build a bench, I started out with the Harbor Freight workbench because the size is right, and the peg board on the back plus lights on top is a plus. The peg board is an ugly brown so I quickly spray painted it silver.


Though I quickly realized that the 1/2 inch board is probably not good enough to provide a stable surface for the 150 pound mill.  So I added a frame for support.


To help carry and install the mill, I mounted a cheap $7 pulley to help avoid disaster

IMG_6715 IMG_6718

Next it was time to add the two side panels so I can encase the whole work area and keep dust in or out.  Notice that the light fixture is too low, so the side panels help raise the top


Then came the easy part, to hook up the electrics.  The tricky part ended up being able to find an old PC that has a parallel port to interface with the controller.


Now it’s time to spend a few months learning how to use some CAD/CAM software.  At least I can manually operate the mill for now.


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