Range Report – Advantage Arms 22LR Target for 1911

The 1911 had been a joy to shoot at the range, and the Advantage Arms conversion kit add to it an increased level of accuracy that I count on when working on my trigger control.  Nothing like shooting a certain group size and knowing that it’s all due to my inadequate handling. 🙂  Shooting 22LR at the range also saves a lot of time from having to load my own rounds just for accuracy.


But just how accurate can the Advantage Arms conversion be?  Now that I’ve mounted a 6x scope on my pistol, it’s time to hit the range and do some bench shooting!


I’ve tested with my favorite brands, Golden Bullets and CCI Minimags RN (they recommend against HP, even though I found it to be just as accurate).  Of course, the CCI out performed the Remingtons as usual, although the Golden Bullets still achieved about 1.5″ at 25yards.  CCI performed flawlessly and it’s very easy to maintain a sub-MOA groups.  My best group was 0.4″, which made me very happy indeed.


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