Lee Seating Plug for Nosler JHP bullets

Just started reloading 45ACP ammo since I just built my first 1911.  I love my Lee Turret Press as it’s reliable and inexpensive.  Though today I came across a particular problem –

Bullets do not seat evenly on my 45ACP ammo.
I’m reloading with Nosler 185gr jacketed hollow point bullets, and I noticed that the bullet seating plug was designed with round nose bullets in mind.  Up until now I thought bullet seaters are generic, boy was that a silly assumption.
IMG_8989 (of course a round nose seating plug won’t play nice with JHP)
Couldn’t find other seating plug profiles available, which is strange, but I suppose they can’t make one for every bullet manufacture out there.  Lee is nice enough to offer custom made seating plugs for $8 plus shipping, which is a great service, though I’m not gonna wait for 4 to 6 weeks to get my own seating plug. 🙂
A quick trip to the lathe, and I got myself a seating plug that fits relatively well.  Just for kicks, I fashioned a rod in the middle to fill the profile of the hollow point.
As a final step I put some epoxy into the plug and squeezed the bullet in so I get an exact mold.
IMG_8996 (can’t draw a line around the bullet when its crooked)
Now every bullet seats properly, and it’ll be interesting to try and compare accuracy between a properly seated and off-center bullet some time.
As far as powder goes, I’m starting with N320, and will try Bullseye and Titegroup just for kicks. 🙂

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