Getting the Magpul PMAG to work with regular bolt catch

 Ever since I built my AR15, the rifle have had issues with holding the bolt back after the last round.  IMG_9110 copy

The problem is pretty simple, the magazine’s follower is failing to raise the bolt catch.

The cause could be one of the following:

  • Bolt catch assembly is too far away from the back of magazine well
  • Finger on bolt catch is too short
  • Slight slop (looseness) on magazine, or magazine faceplate

The easy solution is to find myself a bolt catch that has a longer finger for grabbing the the magazine follower, or work on the follower’s slop so it doesn’t tilt forward as much, causing it to miss the bolt catch.

I chose the latter because none of the bolt catch out there specifies the dimensions, and I also don’t feel like waiting for one to be shipped to me.  

Edit: Later I found out that Rock River Arms is selling a bolt catch for 9mm ammo which features a much longer finger ($8).  Will try that out at a later date.


Then I took note on the inside of the magazine.  The one single rail guiding the slide is great for getting dirt and grime out of the way, but probably will promote wear and tear faster on the follower.  A first note is that tightening up the follower means it’ll be more prone to dirt getting it stuck, but I’m gonna be bench shooting all day, so that’s not a big deal. 🙂


My quick fix is to get some tin and wrap it on the front side of the follower to tighten up the follower a little.


Turns out just one layer of tin is too little, had to put another layer on top, I then used aluminum tape to hold the two pieces together


That’s it!  It’s a simple attempt that works.  The bolt is now raised 100% of the time at the range.  Tape is not a permanent solution and I’ll probably use small screws or just staples to fix the tin plate on the follower.


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