Savage Axis Easy Trigger Job

223The trigger mechanism on the Savage Axis is simple and effective.  The sear is part of the trigger piece and one spring govern most of the trigger’s weight.

The trigger job is another quick and simple fix, first step was to polish out the sear.  On top of polishing, I also grind off some of the sear on the trigger to lower the creep.

** IMPORTANT NOTE ** without the accu-trigger mechanism, the Axis is technically unsafe for a light trigger.  Without a trigger safety, the rifle is prone to mis-fires if the gun is dropped.  Do not modify the trigger if this gun is to be used for hunting.


IMG_0549 IMG_0551

Next was to replace the trigger return spring.  Again, the assorted spring pack from Home Depot came in handy, providing a lighter spring for the 5th time.
IMG_0553 IMG_0552

The end result is a trigger that weight 2lbs.  I had to strengthen the weight to 2.5lbs as a hard slap on the bolt would set off the sear.  At 2.5 lbs I can slap the bolt down as hard as I can without any mis-fires.  Though the rifle is still prone to mis-fires if dropped.IMG_0554
IMG_0610The gun shoots great, and with cheap PMC X-Tac ammo I was getting around 2″ groups at 100 yards.  Then I put on my reloads with AR-COMP and Sierra 69gr GTHP, and I was getting ridiculous accuracy!  Those were reloads I made for my AR-15, and I was totally taken by surprise on how accurate this load is for a gun with a completely different barrel length and twist rate.


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