PPQ – 4″ vs 5″, Light vs Heavy Trigger

Recently found that the Speer Lawman is incredibly accurate on my PPQ, so I took both my PPQ’s out to the range yesterday and had some fun with them, and did some completely unfair comparisons. 🙂


Nobody should be surprised that the 5″ gun can shoot better than the 4″.  One particular note is that it’s easier for my untrained finger to get a flyer when the trigger is heavier, which also shouldn’t be a surprise.


After 15 shots.  You can see that the 4″ is getting about 2.5″ group omitting that one flyer while the 5″ has a 2″ group with no flyers.  I suspect that the difference would be less if I’m shooting bench.  Afterall the trigger doesn’t affect mechanical accuracy, just let me get away with less discipline. 🙂
IMG_0831What’s interesting is that at 15 yards I can see the target a lot better, and being able to get great accuracy with the 5″ PPQ becomes a cakewalk.  I seemed to have struggled with the 4″, but it might be because my fingers were getting tired.

As many had pointed out already, the inherent accuracy of a 4″ vs 5″ gun is pretty much equal, and it all comes down to how the front sight being further away help with aiming, and I totally agree.  I think the 25 yard results is a much better representation, which is about a 0.5″ gain at 25 yards.

Someday I should compare two guns at the same trigger weight to be more fair. 🙂

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