1911 Magazine Types and Mod

I currently have 1911 9mm magazines from MetalForm, Dan Wesson, and Mecgar.  Everything worked fine when I was shooting round nose ammo, but the moment I switched to my hollow point ammo, all hell broke loose.  I simply get failure to feed on a full mag, and the problem seem to only happen on the MetalForm and Dan Wesson magazines.


The problem here is that the ammo “nose dives” as it is being fed.  Normally it isn’t a problem with round nose bullets, but it seems like when I’m shooting with hollow point, the very front of the flat end doesn’t quite clear the bottom of the barrel ramp, causing the ammo to get stuck.

IMG_3637 IMG_3638 IMG_3651

Types of Magazines

I noticed that the MetalForm magazines raises their front lip to form its own ramp, probably for solving feeding problems with non-ramped barrels.  Which means if I want my Mecgar magazines to work, I’ll need to add a ramp of my own.

IMG_3652 IMG_3653IMG_3649


Time to bust out the old welder and see what I can do.  Took a while for my rusty old hands to make a mess on the magazine’s front lip, but after some grinding and filing, looks like we have ourselves a new ramp on the magazine.

IMG_3641 IMG_3644IMG_3645



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