Range Report – reloading with Vihtavuori

My 45ACP 1911 built from a 80% lower had been sitting on the shelf for almost 2 years, finally I’ve decided to mount a red dot sight on the unit and test out just how accurate this pistol is.

I got a couple of powder that are great for 45ACP.  Vihtavuori N320, Winchester 231, and Bullseye to name a few.  I’m going to start with N320 first as I’ve heard of great things about this powder, and as it turns out, this pricy power didn’t disappoint.

Here’s what I was reloading with:

  • Nosler 185gr JHP bullet
  • New brass with small primer pockets
  • CCI primer
  • Lee turret reloader

The Nosler data showed that 6.2gr of N320 yield the best results, so I started with that recipe and made the following ammo:

  • 6.2gr @ 1.20″ OAL
  • 6.2gr @ 1.205″ OAL
  • 6.2gr @ 1.21″ OAL
  • 6.2gr @ 1.22″ OAL
  • 6.2gr @ 1.23″ OAL
  • 6.2gr @ 1.24″ OAL
  • 6.2gr @ 1.25″ OAL
  • 6.3gr @ 1.20″ OAL
  • 6.3gr @ 1.21″ OAL
  • 6.3gr @ 1.22″ OAL
  • 6.3gr @ 1.23″ OAL
  • 6.3gr @ 1.24″ OAL
  • 6.3gr @ 1.25″ OAL

Simple set of ammo for start, and as it turns out, the 1.25″OAL produced the best results.

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I was not expecting that the 1911 I put together can be this accurate, so that’s certainly great news.  Next I’ll need to keep shooting with that recipe and find out if I was just being lucky.


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