PPQ trigger mod to 3.5 pound

This is for the 9mm and 40 cal models only.  45 ACP model uses different springs.

In my first PPQ trigger job I’ve used a spring from a pack of HomeDepot assorted spring kit, and it yielded a 2.5lb trigger.  The trigger is great for bullseye but is inappropriate for action shooting.  Many had expressed interest in a 3.5lb trigger, so I set out to find a spring that would do exactly that.


Here is the spec of the PPQ’s sear extension spring:

  • length: 0.75″ (19mm), 16mm on 45ACP
  • outer diameter: 0.180″ (4.57mm)
  • wire thickness: 0.022″ (0.559mm)

So the goal here is to find something with similar dimension but with a thinner wire thickness.  I’m making the assumption here that the material is music wire.

It’s actually much harder than I thought to buy a spring at the specific size I want.  Most manufactures have a minimum order of 50 to 100 springs, or general component stores don’t have something this small or at the thickness I want.  After an evening of searching I found this place called Sodemann Springs.  (link on the next page)

I ordered a wire thickness of 0.51mm, and with lengths 19mm and 15.75mm, as well as a 0.55 spring that’s 15.75mm long.

FullSizeRender 4

The loop on each end is closed off, so I needed to open one of the ends up to fit into the sear assembly.  You can see that on the top spring shown above.

As it turns out, the 0.51mm spring that’s 19mm did the trick.  It gave me a 3.5lb pull.

FullSizeRender 5

Note: Your mileage may vary as I’ve polished my internals, which might drop the poundage by a little.

And for those who are interested in making this mod, it’s an easy process that takes only minutes.

Parts and Tools

DISCLAIMER: No matter how easy the mod is, any modification which involves adjusting a firearm comes with the potential of compromising the safety of your firearm!  Refrain from modding if you have no prior experience, and seek professional help instead.  Also, any modified firearm should not be used outside of a firing range.

There are now multiple sources available for ordering the springs:

  1. Ebay
  2. McMaster Carr
  3. Sodemann Springs

If you’re on a budget, you can order from Ebay and get a set of springs for $10
Ebay Store Link (3.5lb)
Shipping takes about 10 days.

Mc Master offers a stainless steel spring that is the exact dimension of the factory spring, which is about a pound lighter.  It’ll cost about $16, not bad at all
McMaster Purchasing Link (3.5lb)

Lastly, there’s Sodemann spring who has a great selection of springs.  Unfortunately they are based in Norway.  There’s a minimum order of $20 and shipping is $19.  This place only makes sense if you’re buying a set of springs at different weights.

http://www.sodemann-springs.us/online-shop/search?pid=E01800200750M (3.5lb)
http://www.sodemann-springs.us/online-shop/search?pid=E01800240750M (5lb)
http://www.sodemann-springs.us/online-shop/search?pid=E01800260750M (6lb)

If you have the 45ACP version, here’s the 3.5lb spring

Thanks to “imanoldfart” on Walther forums, he took the mod a step further and started replacing the firing pin block spring:

What this mod does is that it’ll lower the trigger pull force that happen half way during up-take, providing a even smoother trigger pull before hitting the break!

Tools you’ll need:

  • 3mm punch (optional, only if you remove sear block)
  • needle nose plier
  • bolt cutter, wire cutter or dremel with disk grinder
  • tweezers

Step by Step Instructions – Quick Mod

Note that there are two sets of instructions.  This quick mod only involves the slide removal.  If you have trouble removing the extension spring, refer to the second set of instructions.

Step 1 – Remove the slide, and locate the extension spring


Step 2 – Remove the extension spring with a pair of needle nose pliers or tweezers.  Note that the coil on the front side is wrapped up really well.  Remove the back coil first so you can move the spring around to find the best angle in pulling it out of the sear casing.  In the second picture you can see how I find an angle to help remove the spring.

FullSizeRender 13 FullSizeRender 6

Step 3 – Prepare the new spring.  Straighten out the very end of the spring, and then you’ll need to cut the loop end short so you can fit it into the sear assembly housing easier.  Cut with a Dremel or a mini bolt cutter.  Use wire cutters only if there’s no other choice.

Note that music wire is very hard (C41 – 60), so it’ll dent even the best wire cutters (C63-65).   If you have to use a wire cutter, use a cheap, small bolt cutter and not a wire cutter.

FullSizeRender 7

Step 4 – Assemble the new extension spring to the sear block.  It should be easier than removing the spring in comparison.

For those who are comfortable taking things apart and have a 3mm punch handy, here are the instructions for taking the sear block apart.

Step by Step Instructions – Sear Block Removal

Step 1 – Remove the 3mm pin behind the slide lock (if I need to tell you to remove the slide, this guide ain’t for you 🙂


Step 2 – Slide out the sear assembly housing.  Orient the right side of the pistol facing up, because there is a metal part (trigger bar guide) and would come loose.  Now’s also a good time to clean your sear housing.  (see how easy it is on the PPQ?)

Step 3 – Prepare the new spring.  Straighten out the very end of the spring, and then you’ll need to cut the end short (about 2mm) so you can fit it into the sear assembly housing easier.  Cut with a Dremel or a mini bolt cutter.  Use wire cutters only if there’s no other choice.

Note that music wire is very hard (C41 – 60), so it’ll dent even the best wire cutters (C63-65).   If you have to use a wire cutter, use a cheap, small bolt cutter and not a wire cutter.

FullSizeRender 7

Step 4 – Now you can fit the spring into the sear housing.  It’s going to be a tight fit.  I found it easier to place the spring at a 45 degree angle at the beginning.

FullSizeRender 6

Step 5 – Reassembly.  Fit the housing in part way through, then take your tweezers and slip the spring back into place.

FullSizeRender 13

Hammer the pin back and install the slide and you’re all set.


It goes without saying but you’ll get to feel the new trigger by dry firing the pistol.  Do this a couple of times, also rack and slam the slide back to battery and make sure the spring will stay in place.  Once you’re comfortable with how the trigger feels, have fun at the range!

The PPQ is really easy to take apart compared to many pistols I dealt with, and all these non invasive mods make the PPQ one of the most flexible pistols out there.  Hope you find this useful!  Have fun shooting!


8 thoughts on “PPQ trigger mod to 3.5 pound

  1. Lanzer,
    Read this info about your 3.5# PPQ trigger mod. I am a new PPQ owner and would like to increase the trigger pull. I would like to carry it, but worry about the light trigger and short reset compared to the triggers on my Kahr CW9 and CM9. Can you give me specifics about which springs I should try from Sodemann?

  2. I installed the spring in my PPQ M2 5 inch pistol. Wow what a difference. The stock trigger felt good, maybe 4-4.5 lbs but now it’s about 3lbs. It is the best trigger I have in a polymer pistol and rivals the best triggers I have on my 1911 single action pistols. I didn’t even have to take the sear housing out. A nice 5 minute job. Thank you sir!

  3. Hi there Lanzer,

    I just found your site and have gone thru some of the postings on the PPQ.
    I bought my Walther PPQ M2 in Aug/2016 and it is my first and only pistol so far. I have done some modifications to it. I added:
    1. I changed the factory sights for Truglo TFX pro sights.
    2. I changed the 4″ barrel for a 4.6″ threaded barrel.
    3. I changed the Recoil Guide Rode Assembly for the DPS system (silver spring / gold spring)

    I have been noticing a grinding on the take up pull of the trigger. when I pull the trigger slowly i feel this grinding affect and the movement is not a sooth and continuous one. for this reason i have purchased the Apex forward set trigger and Apex tune trigger bar. it should arrive next week. this trigger is not meant to reduce the weight of the trigger. it is just meant to reduce the travel distance at initial take up and reset distance. from what i have research the position the the Apex trigger partially extends the trigger return spring in a normal trigger position thus reducing the take up distance.
    i want to reduce the weight of the trigger using the information on this post.

    Since the the trigger return spring is extended. Will the new trigger return spring have a even more reduced weight pull? Would you be able to look into it so I can determine if I go ahead and change the trigger return spring at the same time as I set the new Apex trigger?

    i appreciate any comments in this regard since i know very little about gunsmith staff.

    Thanks a lot for the great information posted in regard to the Walther PPQ

      • Thanks a lot Lanzer.

        I checked the thread and it is very informative.
        i received my new trigger today and i just finished installing it and it is so amazing. the take up is so short and the reset even more.
        Going tomorrow at lunch to try it at the range. I want so see it impacts accuracy. I did noticed an improvement in target accuracy when I dry fired at home just a few minutes ago. the trigger feels a lot lighter then the original Walther trigger

        In the thread you point out some guys where a bit concerned about having the spring with the Apex since the take up is so short and the trigger weight would feel even lees than with just the spring. their concern about an accidental discharge or when you use the short reset since it is so short and light.

        I’ll wait a while while I get accustomed to the new trigger and then I’ll decide if i do the spring. I only have one gun and it is for range shooting and home defense.
        I ordered a Kydex holder from reign tactical but it is taking a bit longer then expected. one I get I plan on carrying concealed. I’ll see how conformable it is. If it feels to big to carry i’l get something smaller but i need something fully ambi (slide release and mag release).

        Thanks a gain for all the info.

  4. First try, trigger just a little to light. Not enough strength to return the trigger. But just by cutting 3 coils off and making a new hook. Couldn’t be happier. Cappie Killmore.

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